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Let patient care remain the #1 priority.See how ShiftRx can ensure seamless staffing for your facility
  • 1.Ensure your pharmacy has the coverage you need.
  • 2.Set your requirements and specialties to fit your needs.
  • 3.Approve / Deny the provider that works best for your facilities needs.

If you're not located in Texas or California, don't worry - the team is working hard to make sure we're live in new areas. If you're interested in using ShiftRx and located in another US state, please sign-up for the facility waitlist as it helps us gauge the areas with the highest demand.

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How It Works
ShiftRx takes a commission off the total amount of the shift paidRevenue for ShiftRx is tied to a successful shift filled for and by our users.

Facilities have the ability to rate the providerAfter the shift is complete, facilities can create a Preferred Provider List. If our provider isn't meeting your expectations, facilities can end the shift at any time for a full-refund. After submitting a simple incident report, we will work to make it right.
If you own or operate more than 10 pharmacy facilities, please see our pricing page here.